Our Vision

Our vision is to become most trusted and go-to choice brand offering girls of Africa and Non-Africa descent beautiful dolls wearing African prints thus promoting self-love and acceptance of the beauty in diversity

Natural Nubian Dolls for Little Girls and Adults Too!

"It’s time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength" - Maya Angelou.

When I was growing up I had so many insecurities about myself. I hated my kinky hair so I kept of trying to straighten it or use fake hair just to make it look like other girl’s straight hair. I would use a weave or have my hair relaxed to cover my naturally kinky hair. My skin was another source of my insecurity. I didn’t feel beautiful because I had darker skin than my mother and sister. I felt different and sad to say, ugly. It didn’t help matters that the dolls that have had blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin and trim figure.

As a parent I’ve always wanted my child to grow up happy, healthy and confident in her own skin. I hated to have her grow up with the same issues that I had when I was growing up. I didn’t want her to think that she had to be blonde or blue eyed to be considered beautiful. I wanted her to see that her hair and her skin color was just as beautiful and should be celebrated just like any other child’s. So one day I set out to the toy shop to find a doll that didn’t fit that description. I was so appalled by how little the selection was when it comes to darker colored dolls. What’s even more surprising is that the small selection of dark colored dolls didn’t have the look that I was looking for. The skin color looked unnatural like someone just spray painted the doll brown. The hair fibers felt like the manufacturers just used a crimper to make it curly. Suffice to say I didn’t buy any doll. 

My need for a better, more natural looking doll with a natural darker skin color gave me the idea to create Natural Nubian Dolls. I have created 2 dolls named Cleopatra and Malia so far and they are gorgeous. Malia’s hair is short, kinky and as all over the place as mine while Cleopatra’s is a lot longer but just as curly. They both have beautiful chocolate brown skin that matches most African skin tone. I could not have been happier the first time that I saw them. It’s like the insecure kid in me suddenly realized that I was really beautiful and that all those hours and money I spent trying to straighten my hair was time and effort wasted.

I wanted to make more Natural Nubian Dolls not just for my baby girl but also for other parents with African descent to give to their little kid.

Our Team

Rejoice Bhila