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  • Natural Nubian Dolls Founder: Teach Children Beauty, Strength in Diversity

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    Parents should teach their children at a young age that there are beauty and strength in diversity — that’s what founder of online platform “Natural Nubian Dolls” believes in.

    Natural Nubian Dolls founder Rejoice Bhila Kwaramba believes that parents like her should teach their children about their natural beauty. And she believes that the Nubian dolls she made can help her with this cause.

    “I wanted to make more natural Nubian dolls not just for my baby girl but also for other parents to give to their little kid,” Kwaramba said.

    The Nubian dolls are 18-inch dolls with features representing African women. These dolls are a product of Kwaramba’s experiences as a child.

    Growing up, Kwaramba had so many insecurities about herself. She hated her kinky hair and her dark skin. The white-skinned, blonde-haired dolls that she had as a kid also only made her feel different and ugly.


    The African mother of two wanted her daughter to grow up without experiencing the same issues she had. However, she recalled how she went to a toy shop to look for darker colored dolls, only to find disappointment.

    According to her, there was a small selection of darker colored dolls back then. This small selection did not even match her expectations, with the dolls having unnatural skin color and seemingly crimper-curled hair.

    From that moment, Kwaramba came up with the idea to create better, natural looking dolls: the Nubian dolls. Thus, Malia and Cleopatra were born, the first two Nubian dolls she created.

    Kwaramba recalled how happy she was the first time her daughter held the Nubian dolls.

    “I could not have been happier the first time that I saw them. It’s like the insecure kid in me suddenly realized that I was really beautiful and that all those hours and money I spent trying to straighten my hair was time and effort wasted,” Kwaramba said.

    Furthermore, the Nubian dolls creator wants to share the same experience she and her daughter have with the other parents. She plans to produce more Nubian dolls similar to her first two creations.

    The new Nubian dolls will be patterned to the African features of Malia and Cleopatra. These functions include the hair, the skin tone, and the doll clothing.

    “I want kids to be able to identify with our Nubian dolls and see how beautiful they are,” Kwaramba said. “I want children to be proud of their heritage and see how wonderful it is even if they are unable to see it in person. Hopefully, this will inspire them to visit Africa when they grow up.”

    The said dolls are targeted to individuals ranging from 3 to 100 years old, from little girls to serious doll collectors. Kwaramba dreams to have everyone a piece of the Nubian doll in every home.



    Kwaramba believes that supporting her cause will show the world how beautiful the Nubian dolls are, as well as the African culture.

    Rejoice Bhila Kwaramba is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Nubian Dolls. She graduated from the University of East London with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, she dreams of inspiring and empowering girls from all over the world.

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    This video is a doll test which was conducted originally by psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. l was actually shocked about by the results after the test.

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